Nutrition Counselling for Pets

Personalized diet plans that support healthy weight and development.

Just like us, what our pets eat on a daily basis has major implications on their well-being. There are so many options and misinformation out there and we understand how confusing it can be for pet owners. Our nutrition counselling services take the guesswork out of your pet's diet. Simply give us a call at 519-969-7390 for details.

Why do pets need nutrition counselling?

All cats and dogs can benefit from this service. Throughout the different growth stages of their life, pets will need different types of formulations and food to support their development. For example, puppies and kittens need different diets compared with senior pets. Patients that are pregnant or those with certain types of health issues may also need a specialized nutrition plan. Most commonly, nutrition counselling is used for overweight or obese pets. It is a vital step in helping them reach a healthier weight to prevent further complications associated with excess fat.

How much does pet nutrition counselling cost?

Fees may vary from patient to patient depending on their unique needs. Please feel free to call us for our current service charges.

What happens during nutrition counselling for pets?

These are checkups with the veterinarian that focus exclusively on diet and nutrition. You will be asked about your pet's eating habits, feeding style/frequency, and challenges you are experiencing. The doctor will assess your pet's current diet and provide recommendations for improvement.

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