Weight Management for Pets

Whether they need to lose or gain weight, we can help your pet do so in a safe manner.

Most dogs and cats are food-motivated. It's no wonder we as loving owners use food to reward them and to motivate them to behave or perform in a certain way. Unfortunately, one too many treats can lead to excess pounds on your pet's frame. Over time, this can cause a multitude of health complications. Underweight furry companions can also see a plethora of problems. We can help your pet reach their ideal weight range safely and efficiently. Drop us a line at 519-969-7390 to find out how.

How can I help my pet lose weight?

The first step would be to reach out to your veterinarian. This will ensure that your canine or feline companion gets started on a safe weight loss plan. Remember, the internet is filled with DIY methods that can cause more harm than good. Every patient is different but in general, below are some steps you can take at home:

  • Reward with positive affirmation (hugs, kisses, playtime, etc.) instead of food
  • Monitor and reduce the amount of treats they receive (treats should make up a maximum 10% of their daily caloric intake)
  • Ensure they get daily exercise (e.g. walks, cat playpens, and other toys that encourage movement)
  • Switch to high-protein, low carb food options (e.g. low-carb kibble, canned food, raw food)

Why is my pet losing or gaining weight?

The most obvious reasons are an imbalance in their diet and exercise routines. It is not always as simple. There may be undiagnosed health issues causing your pet's weight problems. For example, parasites and hypothyroidism can cause weight gain in certain patients. This is why consulting with the veterinarian is so important so your pet can be properly assessed and treated.

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